With our state of the art equipment we are able to provide Type II (Regular) and Type III (Hardcoat) anodizing, in clear, black and blue colors. We can dip your parts in Teflon post processing to add increased lubricity. We also offer Chromate Conversion Coating. Processing according to various specifications, including MIL-PRF-8625F (formerly MIL-A-8625F), ASTM-B580 and MIL-DTL-5541 (Type 2 Class 1A & 3).  We proudly use products from Haviland and Reliant to achieve high quality consistent results. With our goals of consistent quality and quick turn-around we can help you with your anodizing needs.
Anodizing Customer Guidelines
Chromate Customer Guidelines
Anodize/Chromate Drop Off Sheet

Black Oxide

Black Oxide is a conversion coating, changing the surface of the steel to black while maintaining the dimensional integrity of the part. It is used extensively on fasteners, tools, gages, hardware, automotive and furniture components along with many other applications. Premier Finishing Inc. offers the true “hot” black oxide process using premium chemistry and products from DuBois Chemical. We also offer a wide variety of rust inhibitors to meet your specific needs. For more information on the black oxide process, please contact us.
Black Oxide Customer Guidelines
Black Oxide Information Sheet
Black Oxide Drop Off Sheet

Rust Removal

Through multiple methods Premier Finishing Inc. is able to remove corrosion from a variety of materials. Citric acid can be used for delicate parts, hardened, and spring steels. Hydrochloric acid, commonly known as pickling, can be used for rust removal from many standard types of steel. With the above methods we are also able to remove scale created by laser cutting and heat treating. A multitude of rust inhibitors are used to prevent the corrosion from reoccurring, depending on the application and the length of protection required. These include water-based inhibitors, emulsion oils, petroleum oils, and waxes. Let us help you when “corrosion happens”.

Vibratory Deburring/Burnishing

Vibratory deburring is a method of improving the surface of a part using mass finishing. We utilize vibratory equipment from Rosler and Roto-Finish paired with different media types (i.e. ceramic, steel, plastic, and corn cob) along with vibratory compounds from Lily Products and Progress Chemical. Whether you need deburring for safe handling, edge breaking, radiusing or improving the Ra value of the surface, we will develop a process and finish your parts to meet your needs. Vibratory deburring can also be used to burnish, degrease, polish, descale, and is a great method for general cleaning.

Parts Cleaning

Premier Finishing Inc. started in 1997 cleaning parts and it continues to be a important part of our business. Using multiple types of washing and cleaning equipment with a variety of chemistries we can meet your cleaning needs. Our knowledge and the support from our suppliers will guarantee consistently clean parts and have them ready for the next step in the supply chain.


Passivation removes free iron from the surface of stainless steel parts that is often left behind in machining or working the material. The passivation process creates a surface which is more passive and in turn makes the part better protected from future corrosion. Citric acid passivation, the method we use, meets or exceeds today’s passivation specifications.

Value Added Services: Transportation, Packaging, Inspection, and Weigh Counting

Once Premier Finishing Inc. has improved your part in one way or another, it may require some value added services before it can move on to the next step. We can help! Depending on your needs, we can box, pack, seal, weigh count, inspect, label or about anything else you need to protect and preserve your parts for you and your customer. We can ship directly with our truck or via another carrier (i.e. your truck, UPS, expediter, or common carrier) to you, your customer or even your next supplier. Let us help you minimize the time and expense required to move your product.